Is there any collagen in anti-aging cream?

Depends on the cream. Some anti-aging creams contain collagen. Others contain vitamins, peptides, etc. Check the ingredients of the particular cream you're interested in.
What the manufact. ? Anti aging creams contain different things. The absorption through the skin limits the use of some. Creams with hyaluronic acid or hyaluronidase in theory could be the best ( injectables definitively are effective for several months and are available like restylane, (dermal fillers) juvederm and others. In liquid form "pro-collagen" is metabolized into collagen and help against wrinkling. Vit. E needs p.O.
Some do, but. It depends on the cream. But regardless, collagen doesn't get across the skin very easily, so it is not a good choice. Better to use a vitamin C preparation and use sunscreen ALWAYS. Spend the money on these and a nice hat instead.
A better question... ... would be, "Do I care if there's collagen in it?" I haven't looked at every bit of research, but I'm unaware of any known benefits, other than sales, of topical collagen...
It doesn't matter. Anti-aging creams contain a wide variety of ingredients, especially if they invoke popular buzzwords. Including collagen is a waste of your money, since it is a large protein molecule which cannot penetrate the skin. Topical collagen (applied to the skin surface) has no beneficial effect that I know of.