What is the number of people who die from skin cancer?

Skin cancer deaths. Although there are other very serious and potentially fatal skin cancers, melanoma is the most common cause of the fatalaties. More than 8, 000 deaths of melanoma occur in the U.S. Per year.
Too high. The projected numbers (according to the national cancer institute) for 2012 are r with 76, 250 diagnosed with melanoma and 9, 180 melanoma deaths.
Skin cancer. There are several types of skin cancer. The deadliest is the skin cancer called melanoma. About one person per hour dies of melanoma in north america. If melanoma is found early, it is curable in about 1 percent of the time. Another cancer, squamous cell carcinoma kills about 2500 people per year. It is important to have regular checkups to help prevent death from skin cancer.