Does estrogen + progestin prevent cognitive decline?

Doesn't seem to. Hormone therapy seems to have little or no effect on cognitive function. Estrogen + progestin or estrogen alone are not recommended for women at any age to prevent cognitive decline. Hormone therapy appears to increase the risk of dementia when started in women who are 65 or older.
Changes. The answer changes often because the evidence keeps coming in; at present, it appears that e+p doesn't have a beneficial effect in this way.

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I need b.C. Pills only to regulate period, not to prevent pregnancy. Are progestin-only pills better than regular pills (w/ estrogen too) for women who produce too much estrogen due 2 being overweight?

No. Progestin only pills will not regulate periods pills are not neccessary to regulate periods. Read more...
No, not really b/c. There are other issues involved. If menses not regulated, not ovulating properly, making extra testosterone that converts to estrogen. The bleeding is likely gonna be worse on Progesterone only but you can do Medroxyprogesterone lat 10 days of the month if they don't come often. I will, at times give 7 days Progesterone to cause bleeding and clear uterus, the start the pill in cases like yours. Read more...