What is the function of HDL cholesterol?

Many Functions. Hdl cholesterol has many functions. Often thought of as protective, it brings cholesterol from the artery wall back to the liver. It also acts as an anti-oxidant, and an anti-inflammatory agent. It may be involved in helping the artery wall dilate , and may also be involved in fighting some infections. Hdl may also deliver cholesterol to organs that need it during stress. Can be very complex.
Housekeeper. The hdl-c is like the garbage collector of the blood. It removes cholesterol from places it should not be, and carries it back to the liver. I tell my patients that the ldl's are the elephants in your parade, and the hdl's are the pooper-scoopers!
Good cholesterol. Known as the good cholesterol, HDL carries cholesterol to your liver to be cleared/removed from the body, thereby lowering your cholesterol level. For men, the recommended level is > 40 mg/dl, for women, it's > 50 mg/dl.