What's the treatment for someone with high TSH thyroid level?

Thyroid hormone. Elevated TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels almost always mean that the pituitary gland is unsatisfied with the level of thryoid hormone in the blood (hypothyroidism). It is easily treated with thyroid hormone pill daily, and the TSH level returns to normal.

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What is the cure for someone with high TSH thyroid level?

High TSH. Hypothyroidism involves symptoms (fatigue, constipation, etc) and high tsh, low ft4. It is common to see people who basically feel well, have a normal ft4, but elevated tsh. The thyroid gland may be in the early stages of failing often from underlying hashimotos thyroiditis. You and your doctor need to decide whether to just watch/follow this, or begin treatment with levothyroxine. Read more...