What are the causes of temporary hearing loss?

Hearing loss. Temporary hearing loss can be from various causes. E.G. A plugging of the outer ear canal with ear wax can occasionally cause hearing loss. Loud noises and explosions can cause temporay loss and also with firing guns etc. Clogging of the middle ear and eustachen tubes also can give temporary hearing loss.

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What could the cause temporary hearing loss in my right ear be?

Hearing loss. Temporary or reversible causes of hearing, wax in the ear, cold, eustachiantube dysfunction, fur uncle in the ear, osteoma in the ext canal, infections of the middle ear----any of the causes, please get checked. Read more...

What could cause temporary hearing loss in my left ear and darkened vision during exercise (high intensity only)? It goes away immediately with rest.

Visual obscurations. Your description of visual losses with heavy physical exertion is consistent with what happens in cases of what used to be referred to as pseudotumor cerebri now goes by the name of (idiopathic intracranial hypertension). Hearing can also be affected if pressure inside the head suddenly goes up. Rest typically relieves the condition. You should visit a good neurologist for a diagnosis. Read more...