What could cause painless swelling after an ankle / foot injury?

May. Need more time for your body to clear out the swelling post injury. Try compression sock.
Swelling after injur. Depending on how long ago the injury was swelling is the bodies way of stabilizing the injured area and preventing damaged material and bacteria from entering the body.
The injury . Itself could cause the swelling, be happy there is no pain.

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Foot injury with pain and swelling but bruising went away. What do I do?

Now is the Time. It normally takes weeks for the bruising to go away. And you are still having pain and swelling ? Time to have it examined for the true extent of the injury. You need x-rays and the eye of a specialist at the minimum. Read more...

Would it be unhealthy to have swelling 1 week post foot injury?

Yes. It's very normal to have swelling within a week of surgery. It is very important to keep that swelling down by keeping your foot elevated and limit your walking. Unlike other parts of the body, the foot is subject to gravity keeping the fluid flowing down - so you really have to make an effort to reduce that risk. If not, you risk complications like pain, blood clot, and delayed healing. Read more...

What to do about a foot injury that is swelling badly?

RICE. For many injuries, the rice treatment can help relieve swelling. Rest – protect your injured foot and avoid prolonged standing or walking. Ice – no more than 15 minutes at a time and don’t apply ice directly to your skin. Compression – apply an ace wrap. Elevation – try to elevate your foot above your heart. For severe injuries or if your swelling doesn't improve after 48 hours, see your doctor. Read more...