What can I do to treat a bacterial infection of the parotid gland?

Antibiotics and... Sialogogues are used. The latter are stimulants of salivation such as lemon drops. The infection is usually related to dehydration with plugging of the duct.
Antibiotics plus. I prescribe an antibiotic that is effective against staph as well as recommending hot moist soaks to the gland, lots of water to drink and sugar free lemon candy to stimulate salivary flow. Keflex and Duricef (cefadroxil) are 2 antibiotics i find most effective.
Keflex or dicloxacil. Parotid gland infection, if bacterial, will usually respond to Keflex or dicloxacillin.

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Could anybody suggest medicine for parotid gland infection swelling and how to clear gland duct stone with out operation?

Parotid stone. Make sure you are on antibiotics if there is swelling. Also stay well hydrated (drink plenty water), take NSAIDs like Ibuprofen or Naproxen scheduled doses for 1-2 weeks, and encourage daily salivation to get the gland working - hard lemon candy or lemon wedges 3 times per day. Read more...

Can infected pierced ears spread infection to the parotid gland?

Yes. Infection of external ear especially ear canal can spread forward to the face due to anatomical conduit of the external ear cartilage. Read more...

After doing research, it looks like I forced air into my Parotid gland. Currently have a bad sinus infection after having a sore throat. Is this bad??

Parotid gland. Have you been coughing a great deal? What do you feel when you tough your Parotid gland with finger tips? Please consult with us to determine if you created a fistula that may need to be evaluated further as that is not normal. Read more...