What are the symptoms of delirium tremens?

Varying. The symptoms of delirium tremens include hallucination, disorientation, fast heart rate, increased blood pressure, hyperthermia (increase in body temperature), agitation, and sweating in the setting of alcohol withdrawal.
Seizures. preceded by fever, rapid heart rate, confusion, inability to walk well, irritability and anxiety. Withdrawal begins within hours of the last drink. Within 2-3 days the syndrome is in full swing and the risk of seizures and death is highest within 3-7days. The more regularly one drinks and the larger the amounts, the higher the risk of significant withdrawal. .
Withdrawal. Alcohol is a poison to the nervous system. Most dangerous is the withdrawal from intoxication. During withdrawal patients get the shakes, are confused and agitated with a delirium, and their body functions lose control. This can be very serious and need acute medical management. Many will develop convulsions and severe bleeding. Heavy sedation is the only management.

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What are the signs and symptoms of impending delirium tremens (dts)?

Can be severe. Delirium tremens or alcohol withdrawal syndrome can have very severe symtpoms. These may include tremenulousness, agitation, confusion, hallucinations, high blood pressure, high heart rate, sweating. This can lead to seizures in the extreme cases. The seizures are usually generalized with uncontrolled movements of all of the limbs. Read more...