Can metformin cause weight loss?

Yes. For some medical weight loss programs metformin is used for weight loss has to be done under physician supervision.
Yes. One of the side-effects of taking metformin is some weight loss. It's not dramatic but an average of 2-3% of excess body weight and for some people it might be more, some less. Metformin is used primarily for diabetics or people with high blood sugar, pcos or Insulin resistance. It has some side-effects which some can't tolerate. So it's recommended to be prescribed only to ones who really need it.

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Can metformin cause weight loss even though I am on Synthroid (thyroxine) 115 after having thyroid cancer 3 years ago. I am 5 ft8! 150 lbs. I am a smallmeater but?

Metformin. Metformin is considered a weight neutral drug. In clinical trials, the typically weight loss is around 2 kg. The main advantage for metformin is that it does not cause weight gain which is what we always worry about with diabetes drugs. Your bmi is 22.8 which is excellent. I wouldn't worry about it.

Does taking of metformin cause weight loss?

Yes. For metabolic syndrome and certain medical weight loss program metformin is used as a part of weight loss protocol - this has to be done under physician supervision though.
Yes. Metformin can cause weight loss. It can vary from none to 10%, but the average is about 3%. It also causes blood sugar levels to drop from high to normal (but not hypoglycemia). And it decreases cholesterol a little.

What medication can be used along with seroquel weight gain? I've read about metformin and topamax (topiramate) Adderall 5mg caused weight loss before on seroquel

The best. Solution is diet, exercise and burning off more calories than you take in. You need to discuss any potential medications with your doctor to make sure they're appropriate for you and won't have any harmful interactions.