How will smoking cause heart disease?

Contributor. Smoking wouldn't be the only reason why someone could get heart disease but definitely contributes to the cause.

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Can smoking cause heart disease?

Yes. Smoking can cause or it can accelate the disease process for heart dz.

Please tell me, could smoking cause heart disease?

Yes. Smoking is probably the main preventable cause of arteriosclerosis in the western world, and is becoming more significant in the developing world as well, since cigarette companies are targetting developing nations. Elevated cholesterol (esp ldl), diabetes, hypertension and heredity are the other main risk factors.

Can I have heart disease from smoking 9 months?

No. But please stop now. It only gets harder as time goes on. If you've already stopped, congratulations!
Heart disease. Depends on your age. Any smoking will damage blood vessels, the more and the longer you smoke, and the older you are, the more the damage which will negatively effect your heart!

Can smoking increase the risk of heart disease?

Yes. One of the biggest risk factors for heart attack and stroke. Increase risk of lung, larynx, throat, bladder and possibly colon cancer. Plus copd.

Can someone get a heart disease from smoking twice?

No. Takes recurrent inhalation and oxidative damage for progressive atherosclerosis. Smoking twice is unlikely to contribute to this process.
See below. Unlikely that this would contribute to plaque formation but nicotine may cause some arteriole spasm that may cause chest pain in certain predisposed people.