Is it a bad idea to take ketorolac for wisdom tooth pain?

No. Ketorolac is a great pain medication after having wisdom teeth out. However, there is a 5 day limit use and be cautions if you have any bleeding disorders, stomach ulcers or any kidney issues.
Wisdom tooth pain. Normally this med is being prescribed after surgery ( surgical wisdom teeth extraction), so it is not a bad idea.
Yes & No. Toradol is used for moderate to severe pain. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and could cause bleeding at the surgical site. If it is on your third day after the extraction or just for pain it should be ok. Keep in mind that the maximum duration of treatment should not exceed five days for tablets.
Pre or Post? Ketorolac normally a post op pain med. Since NSAID, can prolong bleeding. Should be ok. Follow instructions of oral surgeon.