Is chronic neutropenia a type of leukemia?

No it's not..... While patients with leukemia can be neutropenic, both at diagnosis and repeatedly throughout rx, neutropenia can be seen in many other non-malignant conditions and can be a diagnosis in its own right. Chronic idiopathic neutropenia is commonly diagnosed in adults, f>m, and usually has a benign course. Infection risks are inversely proportional to anc. Pts at risk for osteopenia. Dx of exclusion.

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When you are diagnosed with cronic neutropenia, does that mean it's a type of leukemia?

Not always. Neutropenia means low numbers of white blood cells. One of the many causes of neutropenia is bone marrow failure due to leukemia or a condition called myelodysplastic syndrome(mds). A good hematologist can check you and guide you to find the cause and a solution with proper treatment. Read more...

Is it possible for a all leukemia cancer patient who has neutropenia after chemotherapy and have sepsis to surrive?

Yes it is possible. But this is a critical situation that needs proper care ( and some good luck). Sure it is possible, but there is always a chance for unexpected complications, and a failure of the patient to respond favorably. And if you believe in a deity, prayer can't hurt either. Read more...