Misdiagnosed pcos? Pco seen on ultrasound, LH higher than FSH during luteal phase. Some irregular periods but no other symptoms. Androgens not tested.

Second opinion. Pcos can be confusing to diagnose, there are different guidelines for making the diagnosis. Also, early pcos can be very mild and difficult to diagnose.
Probably PCOS. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a constellation of different abnormalities which can include high androgens, cysts on the ovaries, abnormal hormone levels, thyroid disorder, and impaired fasting blood sugar. You don't have to have all of those, though, to have the diagnosis. Sounds like you were diagnosed correctly.

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Do ultrasounds still add 2 weeks to fetal age if you have pcos and irregular periods?

This has never been . a thing that is done. An early ultrasound (<12 weeks) is very accurate as determining the age of a fetus. There are no reasons to add any time to the age of a fetus because of any condition. If you have irregular periods then the date of you last menstrual cycle (which is traditionally used for dating) will be inaccurate, so an age determined by ultrasound would be more accurate. Read more...