What do you call the screening test in which cells are scraped from the cervix?

Pap test. It's called a pap test or pap smear, named after its inventor, dr.Georgios papanikolaou. During a pelvic exam cells are scraped off, then a cytologist puts them on a slide and looks at the them under a microscope. The cytologist looks for cells that appear abnormal -- precancer or cancer cells.
Pap Smear. -screening test for cervix cancer, -cells scrapped from cervix are sent to lab and examined under microsope. -test results may be affected by medicines ( such as birth control pills) - 24 hours before the test avoid douche, no intercourse, no tampons - do not schedule if you are menstruating - should be done once every 3 years after age 21 - not 100% accurate.