What are high cholesterol's signs and symptoms?

None till advanced. High cholesterol has virtually no signs or symptoms until it is long-standing and advanced. Your first sign of it may be your first heart attack. If you have high cholesterol i recommend an acid-free diet: no sodas, sugars, alcohol or excessive carbohydrates. And of course cut down on high cholesterol foods. Exercise and drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water daily www.Medac4u.Com.
Check gallbladder. High cholesterolmeans you have very little b vitamin esp B6 to make bile from cholesterol, also since not enough bile in gut to absorb vit d so check your vitamin d level if low indirectly you are producing more cholesterol, if you have high sugar due to food allergy causing damage to pancreas your risk is increased since with high inflammation cholesterol is used by body for repair, high BP bad.

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What physical signs and symptoms of having high cholesterol level are there?

Usually none. However long term problems are significant increases in the risks of heart attacks and strokes. Also cholesterol deposits can form in the skin and tendons and be obvious to the eye. Read more...