My skin is peeling from under my breast and looks like a rash I wanted to know what type of ointment to put on or should I seek my doctor?

Rash could be fungus. This could be a fungal or yeast infection in a warm, moist, area of constant skin-skin contact and irritation. Or it could be a simple heat rash or mechanical irritation. You can safely try topical lotrimin (clotrimazole) (over-the-counter), which will work great if it is fungal, and do no harm if it is not. Otherwise, if it doesn't respond to lotrimin (clotrimazole), treat this like heat or diaper rash. Good luck! dr. Tholen.
Tinea Cruris. What you describe is common fungal infection which happens from the humid environment in the creases under your breast. A trial of lotrimin cream and Cortaid (hydrocortisone) over the counter can be extremely beneficial. You may want to get new bras with not any metal border. Soft bras which you can wash and dry in the sun can prevent it from cultivating the fungus organism. Give it a try.