Thrtyfve yo husbnd has stage four cirrosis liver cancer, needs one yr hepc trtmt bfor he can get put on trnsplnt list, what r chnces of trtmnt workng?

30 to 60 percent. The advances in hep c treatment are improving every day. If you look at all the studies, in general its, 30 percent eradication, 30 % no response and 30% partial repsonse. However, cirrhosis in general is irreversable and the damage that has been done will improve slightly but not repair all together.
Please clarify. cirrhosis is not the same as liver cancer. and most HCV treatment now is just 12weeks - not 48 as it used to be. Eradication is 90+%, even in pts with cirrhosis. Please clarify his condition (i assume no cancer!), and make the HCV treatment plan with his hepatologist. Transplant listing can happen at the same time as treatment.