Which natural cold remedies are safe while breastfeeding?

Little gets in milk. Over-the-counter natural cold remedies have ingredients that may get into breastmilk in very small amounts. So, a breastfeeding baby should not experience any changes in behavior. The cold remedies can include teas such as lemon, honey, or chamomile teas. Some adults use lozenges such as menthol, zinc, or vitamin c. However, natural "cold remedies" may or may not decrease cold symptoms.
Rest and fluids. There is no magic pill that will help you get over a cold, either homeopathic or through traditional medicine. The best thing for your body is that which we least want to do: rest! that and lots of fluids, preferably water, broth and 100%juice. Mist, steam and menthylated rubs can also help. These work best whether you are breastfeeding or not.