How can I get my gums to grow around my teeth? I had an implant done and crowns and ever since my gums have been receding!

See your dentist. The receding gums could be due to the position of the dental implant, infection around the implant, cement that is used to glue the crown can be impacted into the gums, a poorly made crown or premature contact on the implant when chewing. See your dentist.
Check your occlusion. Progressive recession usually has the malocclusion as the underlying cause, if the implant is healing well. If you have occlusal interference during function, over the long period you will experience gingival inflammation, then ginvival recession, then localized bone loss.
See a Periodontist. This does seem unusual for a person your age, unless there is some other problem going on. You should see a periodontist for evaluation of this situation.It might be a tissue or bite related problem.
See your dentist. Gingival tissue (gums) do not attach to the teeth. It attaches to bone so if your gums are receding that means that bone loss is occurring and your gums are "following" the bone. See your dentist for treatment options.
Not possible. You can do nothing to cause your gums to "grow". Gingival tissue usually recedes with age at a slow rate. If you have experienced rapid recession something could be wrong. Implants and crowns that are done well do not cause tissue recession. Your implication that the dental treatment caused recession is almost certainly wrong. See your dentist who will help you understand or give you options.
Go w/ the consensus. It's been explained to you that the implant procedure that you've had completed is a highly specific and technically sensitive treatment. If there are any signs that failure may be occurring, it would be extremely wise for you to find out before it's too late!
Get 2 opinions. First, i would discuss and get an explanation from the dentist who placed the implant. Esthetics after implant placement can be a challenging problem. Implant placement in esthetic areas has to be exact. If you are not comfortable with the explanation, get a second opinion from another well respected dr. That specializes in implants.