I have tiny white itchy bumps on my feet and moving to my ankles?

Allergic reaction. From bites or material in shoes, socks or grass etc. Could be fungal or other type of infection or skin reaction. See a podiatrist, .
Fungus infection. Could be do to fungus or yeast. I suggest you make an appointment with your dermatologist.
Go See a Podiatrist. This needs to be professionally evaluated, and the sooner the better.

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What are the small, itchy bumps on the top of my foot?

It depends. In order to give you a better answer you need to describe the bumps or better send a photo. How big are they? Do they itch? What color? The bumps can range from a response to pressure from socks or the shoe (pressure) to a number of skin problems. Read more...

I have these small really itchy bumps on the bottom of a foot. I need to know what they are and what I can do to treat them.?

Contact allergy? You may be allergic to one of the ingredients in your shoes. Consult an allergist or dermatologist to find out which ingredient is the problem so that you can purchase shoes without that ingredient. In the meanwhile , consider a sole insert to see it it helps. Topical hydrocortisone may be tried to control the rash but avoidance is the ultimate answer. Read more...

One my foot I have this small patch of extremely itchy bumps that are white looking at first but then have turned red and bigger. Any idea what it is?

Multiple causes. This can be a number of skin diseases. Given the location and description the two most likely condition is eczema. Fungus and psoriasis are other possibilities. It would be helpful to have it evaluated by a dermatologist because the treatment of these conditions are different. Read more...