What causes recurrent bouts of vaginal thrush?

Doctor can evaluate. When a teen girl or a woman gets repeated vaginal candida infections, she can be evaluated to see what might be the problem. Sometimes it is a ph (how much acidity is there) imbalance in the vagina, a decrease in "normal flora" (the healthy bacteria that live in the vagina), an immune system problem (inability to prevent yeast overgrowth), a diabetes/sugar problem, etc...
Investigate. There are many reasons for recurrent bouts of vaginal thrush such as sugar intake,soap,oral contraceptives or your immune system.Best would be to see your GP for a detailed history and tests if required.
Yeast for sure? . When i see these cases my first question is how do we know it is a yeast infection? There are many causes of vaginal discharge and recurrent cases can be tricky. There are tests that can be done to prove it and then determine treatment options. There is an over the counter product called rephresh which is helpful in many cases.