What are the different stages of breast cancer?

Stages of BC. Here is a great website that explains. Http://www. Nationalbreastcancer. Org/breast-cancer-stages? Gclid=cp7kvsbdprmcfyzm4aod9s4axa.
Stages 0 thru 4. Stage 0 is cancer confined to the ducts or lobules. Stages 1 describes a small cancer without lymph node involvement. Stage 2 is where the cancer is medium sized and/or involving lymph nodes. Stage 3 is associated with cancers that are large, involve the overlying skin or chest muscles, or contiguous nodes. Stage 4 describes distant organ involvement called metastases.

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What do the different stages of breast cancer mean?

The extent of cancer.. ..is typically categorized into various stages. A complete diagnostic evaluation is needed to determine a cancer's stage. Criteria are the size of the primary tumor, the involvement of regional lymph nodes, invasion into tissue outside the breast, or more distant metastasis. Staging systems are usually numbered I-IV with various subdivisions. See http://www. Cancer. Gov/cancertopics/pdq/treatment/breast/Patient/page2.

Are there different ways someone can get breast cancer?

Some are. Genetic, likely 10-15%. Most are acquired. Most are associated with th ducts; others the lobule...The ductal ones cause microcalcification and are more visible on mammogram. The lobular tends to be hard to feel (like a puff bll of cotton) and harder to see with x-rays.
Random. Heredity and lifestyle risks such as obesity, lack of exrcise, prolonged use of hormone medication, cigarette smoking can be linked to a variety of cancers. Only about 15% of breast cancers are linked to hereditary factors. Others occur randomly.

What are some of the different risk factors for breast cancer?

See below. Some of the risk factors measured on the gail risk assessment are young age at first menstrual cycle, older age at first live childbirth, number of first degree relatives with breast cancer (mother, sister, daughter). Other risks may be prolonged exposure to estrogen medications, obesity, lack of exercise, cigarette smoking, excess intake of alcohol or fatty foods, etc.

What exactly does it mean when you have breast cancer in three different areas?

See below. Do you mean 3 areas in the same breast? Then that is considered multi focal breast cancer and may need mastectomy if the areas are far apart, and depends on if invasive or in situ breast cancer. If it is in other areas then it may be metastatic such as to lymph nodes or other sites. Your oncologist would be able to be much more specific for your situation.
Multicenteric. Breast cancer may be present in more than one area in the breast being called multifocal or multicenteric. Usually a mastectomy is recommend for surgical treatment.
Not sure what u mean. If the cancer is in multiple areas of the same breast, it is called multifocal, and is treated by total mastectomy, and possibly follow up chemotherapy. If however, you mean several different areas of the body, beyond the breast then that is stage IV disease, or metastatic cancer, and is treated primarily with chemotherapy, .