What causes osteoporosis?

Genetic factors. At age 31 genetic factors and estrogen deficiency would be the most likely causes. Less commonly cortisone or other steroids, anorexia, immobilization, and a variety of drugs such as blockers of stomach acid secretion and antidepressive agents may cause bone loss. Long term vitamin d deficiency may also be a factor.
Bone remodeling. Hi. Bone remodeling is a process that goes on throughout life, where areas of micro-damage are resorbed and new, healthy bone is filled back in (formation). This bone resorption-formation cycle is mismatched after about age 30 (in women & men), so resorption exceeds formation, & bone mass is lost. Prednisone, menopause, hormonal calcium disorders, etc accelerate resorption. Fracture risk goes up.
Multiple factors. Osteoporosis is caused by a problem with your bone metabolism. Some of these metabolic factors include low testosterone, low Progesterone and low thyroid hormone. Low vitamin d, low protein diet and lack of excercise. Mineral deficiencies including calcium, boron, magnesium and silica. Immune sytem problems can also effect your bones. Immune stress increases cortisol and osteoclast activity.
Metabolic disease. Osteoporosis is a metabolic disease caused by lack of sunshine, poor quality diets (filled with junk food), lack of exercise, hormonal imbalances, immune system imbalances.

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What causes osteoporosis (thinning of bone)?

Many things. Osteoporosis can be the result of low calcium, low Vitamin D, decreased bone production, increased bone turnover, disuse of a limb due to injury or pain, or other medical conditions such as hypothyroidism or kidney disease. Therefore, it is important to have osteoporosis evaluated with a physical and blood work so that the correct treatment can occur and prevent fractures.

What causes osteoporosis in a 28 yr old female? I got diagnosed after spinal fractures and docs have no idea y I have it please help

Check vit D3 level. Vitamin D3 levels are usually low since we avoid sun exposure. If you are of African-American decent, you will be even more at risk since your skin is even more efficient in blocking the sun.

Flexural psoriasis between the legs, in female nothing helps very itchy then burns, no more atopical creams as they have caused osteoporosis, what ei?

2 weeks only. All topical cortisone creams should be limited to 2 weeks with a 1 week break before starting again. Protopic ointment is a non-cortisone product that works great for inverse psoriasis in the groin and sensitive skin areas. Thinning of the skin is a result of ling term cortisone cream use, not osteoporosis. Oral cortisone yes that's true.

If given a bilat oopherectomy and aromatose inhibitors for breast cancer would the doctor know that these can cause osteoporosis & what should she do?

Refer to answer. Most drs know about this, however sometimes there are not too many choices. Best to minimize the side effects take 800mcg folic acid+ vit d3 1000 iu once a day. Take also whole milk cheese low salt 4 day/ week for brakfast + add no salt butter to cooking with low heath (has vit k2).
I would hope so... You are at risk for bone loss and need to have biannual bone density scans to monitor it. Depending on this, you may need vitamin d and calcium supplements and maybe even bisphosphonates like Boniva (ibandronate) or fosamax. I'm sure your oncologist would know.
YOU know! It sounds like you are aware of the risk, so tell your doctor! It is great that you are thinking about this. Yes, you are at risk for losing bone, so you need to know 1. Where you are starting (what your bone density is now) 2. Your vitamin d level, and 3. How much your bone density changes in 1-2 years. Keep up weight-bearing exercise like walking, and keep up the conversation with your doc!