Is hyperbaric oxygen therapy really used to treat autism or behavior disorders?

Yes but Wrong. Altho in use in different places, as often the case with these things , there is no evidence of any effectiveness of this therapy. And the dangers....Beware.
Anything and. Everything has been tried and used, but this therapy, like most of the others, has no scientific evidence and no clinical benefit. All it has is a bunch of people trying to scam parents of kids with autism that are already having a difficult time emotionally and financially. Their efforts would be better served with conventional therapy such as applied behavioral analysis, that actually has data.
Not effective. There is no evidence that using hyperbaric oxygen is effective in treating autism. The costs can be considerable so beware of false promises and hopes.
Yes but no evidence. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used in europe for behavior problems such as autism, but it is not approved in the us for these purposes because there is no substantive evidence it is beneficial. The studies reported so far where poorly done, and poorly controlled. More research needs to be done to show a benefit.
Anecdotally. Threre are parents who have done this treatment and report that their children seem to improve, but no valid scientific studies exist. Parents of children with autism always look for treatment that will help. The national autism center has published standards for many types of therapy. You can view it for free here: http://www.Nationalautismcenter.Org/about/national.Php.
Yes- Autism spectrum. 1 study assessed the effects of increasing hyperbaric pressure by 3 to 30% in 2 to 7 Y.O.Children with autism spectrum disorders over 40 1 hour txs. There was reported significant improvement in 30% of children under pressure vice 8% in the control group. I don't know what "significant " means. There are risks to hyperbaric o2 tx. I believe more study is necessary.
Yes. We've treated many children with this condition, and have gotten good results for the majority of them. It's not a cure all and does not reverse the condition completely. Hbot is a very safe therapy and we have seen no serious complications in over 10 years, and only a couple of minor problems (usually dealing with ear pain).