Is there a gland that secretes vitamin d?

No. Vitamin d is made in your skin when you're exposed to sufficient sunlight, it can be eaten in some foods, or it can be taken as a supplement. It is not secreted by a gland.
No. Formed in skin with UV exposure. More active forms of D are then made sequentially by the liver and then kidney!
No. No VitaminD is not secreted by any gland in the body.Some amount comes from food and rest is synthesized in the body from sun exposure.At least 20to25 minutes exposure.
Gland. No gland secretes vitamin D. It is absorbed through the gut and activated through various organs (skin, liver, and kidneys). 40% of Americans are vitamin D deficient.
The skin. The skin is not a gland, but some people call it an organ. With adequate sunlight exposure, the skin will manufacture vitamin d3, the most active form of vitamin d.

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