What's the best method to heal nerve damage in my wrist (puncture wound)?

Nerve damage. . If the puncture cut the nerve it may mend itself but this is rare. Surgery will be required to repair the nerve. If the nerve is only partially injured it may heal itself. I would make an appointment with a hand surgeon.
Needs fixing. If you have nerve damage fro a puncture wound you have at least a partial laceration of the nerve. You need to see a hand surgeon to get the appropriate diagnosis and probable surgical repair whe it is fixable.

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What is the best method (diet or therapy) to heal nerve damage from a puncture wound in my wrist?

Nerves heal w time. Nerve damage will heal unless nerve is severed or irreversibley damaged (axonal death) where the thumb wont oppose the little finger. It will otherwise return at rate of one inch per month. To facilitate this avoid pressure on area of damage (splint). Otherwise acitvity is okay. B12 has some neuropathic effect, but only if there is a deficiency and Folic Acid at 800 mcg daily couldn't hurt. Read more...
Nerve repair. If a nerve has been cut or even partially cut it will not heal on its own. You need to have the nerve repaired. If the nerve has been traumatized or crushed it might or might not heal on its own. See a hand surgeon. Read more...