What is the process of decloting an av fistula for dialysis patients?

Two methods . There are two methods: mechanical or chemical. Occasionally both methods are used. In general, the doctor accesses the av graft or fistula with a needle and places a tube into the graft. He then uses wires and catheters to cross the clot and inject clot busting meds. There are devices he can use that also break up clot. Or, he can open the graft and use special balloons to pull clot out.
Thrombilysis. Catheter inserted in fistula use mechanical vibration and. Lot buster medicine to clean up.

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I am a dialysis patient for 2 yrs. I lift 5 to 10 pds of weights, is it okay for my av fistula. And what can I take to build muscle?

AVF and weights. The answer to your question about lifting weights being ok for your avf is "yes". You need to speak to your renal dietician about what you can eat to build up muscle. Good luck. Read more...