What are the positive points of preventive medicine?

Its better to avoid. If possible it is better to avoid a problem or disease rather than treating it.
Better than CURE. As the old saying goes Prevention is better than cure.The positive points are as follows 1 By preventing life threatening and serious diseases you not only increase the life expectancy but also quality of life 2Saves resources like money and abiity to earn as we are able to prevent disability 3Many common diseases of the past like Polio,Tetanus,whooping cough,and many other are not seen.
Many. 1. Decreased health care costs for the individual and society as a whole 2 . Fewer diseases that can be spread to others which leads to a healthier and more vibrant society 3. Fewer sick days off of work and school for the individual and family members 4. Illness is quite stressful; maintaining a healthy life keeps people more stress free and overall happier.