Is skin cancer hereditary?

Can be. There can be a family component to many cancers including skin cancers. This should not be taken lightly. Sun exposure is another large risk factor for skin cancer. The two together can be very dangerous. If you have a strong family history, lots of sun exposure, or any enlarging skin lesions, be evaluated by your local doctor and/or dermatologist.
Skin cancer. There is a higher incidence of skin cancer, esp melanoma , in patients who's 1 st degree relative has had a melanoma. Also basal cell cancer can have hereditary component. A condition called Nevoid basal cell syndrome or Gorlin syndrome inherited condition involving skin, nervous system,eye,glands and bones.
Yes. This is related to race as well as certain genetic conditions or predispositions.
Yes. Having a family history of skin cancer does increase your chances of developing skin cancer.