How is skin cancer spread through the body?

Skin cancer spread. Skin cancer can spread via local extension. A basal cell carcinoma given enough time, can spread around nerve endings and other structures deep into vital territory and cause loss of the eye and even spread to the brain in very rare cases. Other tumors such as melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma can invade lymphatic vessels and blood vessels and spread to other organs.
Nerves, blood, lymph. Certain skin cancers such as basal cell tend to be locally destructive and can spread thru the nerves but rarely metastasize (ie: spread thru blood stream or lymphatics to other parts of the body). Squamous cell and melanoma on the other hand are more deadly because they can metastasize. Early detection is key. Mohs surgery is the gold standard for basal cell and squamous cell.
Local, blood vessel. Only very rare vary aggressive basal cell carcinomas spread by blood vessel or invade deeply. There is a rare variant now identifiable by a genetic test which can be treated. With medicine. Areas where basal cell carcinoma can be aggressive is the inner eye near the nose amd inside the ear. These lesions need to be treated with mohs surgery initially.
Blood and lymph. Skin cancers (like most cancers) can spread one of 3 main ways. 1. Direct spread/growth. 2. Travel through the lymphatic drainage systems (where they go to lymph nodes) and 3. Via the blood (where cancers can jump from skin to lung, brain, liver, etc).

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