How can I address lumbar lordosis?

Lordosis is normal. Some degree of lumbar lordosis is normal. Excessive lumbar lordosis can be the result of anterior pelvic tilt which can be due to tight hamstrings. "lordosing" sports such as line in football and gymnastics can be associated with spondylolysis and spondylilithesis.
Usually one doesn't. Lumbar lordosis is usually not an issue unless it is due to an increase in upper back forward bend or rounding known as kyphosis or due to an underlying spine issue like a spondylolisthesis or even related to a hip/pelvis problem.

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What does the word loss of lumbar lordosis look like?

More flat. It means there is normally a curve outward in the lower part of the back. Loss of this normal curve can mean spasm or injury. If it doesn't hurt it may mean nothing at all. Read more...