Are electronic cigarettes safe to use to quit smoking?

No one knows. To my knowledge and review of this topic, no one knows since no one had done a controlled clinical trial of these products. If you use them and do not smoke, it seems intuitive it "might" help a person, but doctors cannot recommend them legally since we just do not know from accurate research data if they are safe. Would stink if in 5 years we learn they cause more heart attacks than cholesterol.

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Is electronic cigarettes safe? Will it really help me to quit smoking? Thank you.

Nobody knows. They are as safe, or as dangerous (depending on how you want to look at it) as regular cigarettes. There is little or no evidence they are any safer, and there are no published reports of their effectiveness in smoking cessation. They do somewhat reduce the "tars" you breath in, and they do reduce side-stream smoke (so they cut down on second hand smoke exposure). Nicotine patches are effective.

Trying to quit smoking cigarettes so bought electronic cigs is that safe for me being diabetic?

As a transition, yes. Cigarettes have cadmium and nicotine which cause inflammation, stress, and cause cardiovascular disease and cancer diseases more common in diabetics. Electronic cigarettes hopefully have mainly nicotine but your own body and air pollution can contribute the cadmium, the best thing is take sufficient vit d because cadmium breaks it down and commit to stopping both.

Should I use the nicotine patch to quit smoking? Or should I try electronic cigarettes?

Both may help with. The physical side of the addiction, but what causes relapse is failure to deal with the behavioral side. The associations to cigarettes and nicotine is generally what really re-addicts quitters, so the best approach is really to modify all the associations of behaviors with smoking. This takes a LOT longer than merely withdrawing from nicotine.

Have you used the electronic cigarettes to quit smoking?

Yes. Many people try to quit with e-cigarettes, and some of them allow you to "dial back" the amount of nicotine you are getting. However, there are as yet no published studies on this, so I cannot say how much success people have in trying to quit tobacco this way. You are better off with more traditional, tried and true methods like nicotine patches etc, smoking cessation programs, and other meds.

Is the ego-t electroinc ciggerett a safe way to quit smoking ciggeretts?

There is no evidence. E cigarettes are as addictive as regular cigarettes as long as there is nicotine in it. And there is no evidence that it will help in anyway to quit smoking. In usa fda has classified e cigarettes as drug delivery devices and subject to regulation under food and drug cosmetic act before importation and sales in us.

Is nicotine dangerous? I want to quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine until I don't need them.

Ecigs not a solution. E-cigarettes do not appear to be effective in helping people quit smoking. In addition, they may have their own problems. Apparently some of the chemicals in them may be as harmful as (if not more so than) the chemicals in regular cigarettes. Craving for nicotine lasts 3-5 mins. Dstract yrself each time (deep breathing, carrot sticks, etc) for the 1st few days of not smoking you will be detoxed.

I am trying to quit smoking using electronic cigarettes. I have cut down. Are these as harmful as real cigarettes? I recently had 3 stents /lad.

Depends. Some e-cigarettes have filtering functions that allow you to cut back on the nicotine in the smoke, and others do not. E-cigarettes deliver the same amount of nicotine, which is what is bad for your heart, but has less in the way of tars, which is what causes cancer of the mouth and throat, and lung. There are other ways to cut down and stop - talk to your doctor or local lung/heart association.
No. So-called electronic cigarettes, though less well proven than other nicotine replacements, are not as harmful as actual cigarette smoking. Regardless of how you quit, the most important thing is that you are trying and that you continue trying until you fully succeed.
No. Electronic cigarettes, though less well proven as a smoking cessation method, are not as harmful as real cigarettes. Regardless of how you quit, the most important thing is if you keep trying until you fully succeed in smoking cessation. Get help from your friends and family as well.