How can I prevent heart disease?

Many things to do. Heart disease prevention can be accomplished by regular cardiovascular exercise, cholesterol control, blood pressure management, low saturated fat diet and meditation/positive mental attitude.
Habits. Get started on good habits: regular exercise, a healthy diet low in simple sugars and high in vegetables, maintain a healthy weight, and be positive and social. Control your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Get regular screening evaluations by your physician, especially if you have a genetic predisposition and as you get older.
Add no smoking! In addition to life style changes, keep bp, lipid levels to ideal levels. Good control of blood sugar if diabetic. If smoking stop it or no second hand smoke!

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Best way to prevent heart disease?

Healthy lifetyles. You have over 50% of control...You cannot control family history/genetic, your gender (some argues this), and time, but pretty much all else u can. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, attain/keep ideal body wt, don't smoke, don't drink in excess, and treat medical illnesses (if u have cholesterol, diabetes, bp, rheumatoid arthritis etc) the best you can. Thus you can reduce the chances. Best of luck.
Lifestyle. Some factors cannot be changes like family history, and presence of other disease that impact cv disease. But the best approach is to start early in life attending to healthy lifestyle and behavioral choices. Healthy diet, watching weight, no smoking/tobacco, regular exercise including cardiovascular work, stress reduction, regular good sleep, positive life outlook all help.

How can exercise prevent heart disease?

Lifestyle changes. All changes in lifestyle prevent heart disease. But exercise improve all aspect of the metabolic syndrome. Define differently by organizations. But basically, obesity- large belly, diabetics, lipids problem and htn. Aerobic exercise program will improve all the above. A physician should follow you.

What medicine can prevent heart disease?

Meds for CAD. Prevention of cad-events can be either primary (no previous events), or secondary (prior event). In high risk pts, aspirin, statin therapy might be advantageous in primary prevention. For secondary prevention these meds, along with beta-blockers/acei or arb if prior heart damage can be protective.
Combo. There are several medications that can decrease the risk of heart disease, including blood pressure medications and medications that help control cholesterol levels. Aspirin also helpful in some people. Symptoms like these deserve a full evaluation in person by your health care provider.

What should I do to help prevent heart disease?

See below. Adhere to a healthy low fat diet, avoid smoking, get plenty of exercise, treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes if appropriate. Know your risk factors and family history.

What steps can you take to prevent heart disease?

Prevent Heart Diseas. Maintain a healthy life style, eat healthy foods with balanced meals, avoid high sugar foods and high fructose corn syrup, do not smoke or use recreational drugs, use alcohol in moderation, maintain a healthy weight and have regular check ups with your physician.
Diet, exercise, . Maintain lean body mass, control blood pressure & blood sugar & don't smoke...Plus get screening with your primary as appropriate.

What can I do to prevent heart disease if I am 30?

Walking/eating right. I recommend preventing major health problems by engaging in two activities over which most of us have control nearly every day.

Can taking herbs and minerals prevent heart disease?

Herbal treatment CAD. While there are anecdotal reports of protective benefits of holistic therapies, little exists in terms of definitive evidence by randomized controlled trials to show their value. Holistic strategies with herbs/vitamins are regarded by the fda as a form of food. As such they can be sold merely after demonstrating safety with ingestion. They do not have to prove that they do what they claim.

How can you prevent heart disease from an early age?

See details. Eat a heart healthy diet, exercise regularly, control your weight, control risk factors such as hypertension or elevated lipids and never use any tobacco products.

Is there one way to completely prevent heart disease?

NOPE. Heart disease has so many facets: environmental like smoking, habitual like not exercising and chemical such as high cholesterol that has strong genetic predispostion. The caveat to this is that regular exercise coupled with a health diet, not smoking, drinking minimally, and a doctor's care can vastlly improve one's cardiac risk, even if genetics are stacked against a person.