How effective is sunblock against sunburns, skin damage?

Sunblock is a must! Protect with spf 15+ & be sensible about how much sun you're getting. Avoid tanning booths & unnecessary uv light. Hats, sunglasses, spf make-up & sportswear are also important to consider. Avoid sunscreens with potential carcinogens. The physical blocks (zinc and titanium) are great. Be vigilant about protecting your skin from future cancers & premature aging. It's better to prevent than correct!
Rejuvenation creams. Sunscreen, safe sun precautions, Retin-A topically and antioxidants possibly such as revale and tns essential serum with human fibroblast growth factors and don't smoke.
Benefits of sunblock. Sunblock is a great protection against skin cacner, burns, wrinkles. Spf protects against uvb rays. Using at least 15 is important. Physical barriers such as zinc, titanium protect against uva rays. Uva can pass through windows & is given off by fluorescent lighting so even indoors u need protection. Look for the ada seal but neutrogena otc is great, elta is a physicain product & is great.