38 f. Bowel movement with bright red blood. Seemed like it was from a hemmoroid. My area hurt all day yesterday. What should I do?

Don't worry! Your symptoms are quite likely from a small irritated hemorrhoid or perhaps an anal fissure, both of which should respond to soothing cream/suppositories, sitz baths and stool softeners to not further irritate the area. If it persists, worsens, get help and see your doc for a quick peek, reassurance and better options.
Get checked. Rectal bleeding should never be assumed to be something. There is nobody that deserves less than the best treatment. This starts with a proper diagnosis.

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Blood during bowel movement, colour is bright red and sometimes strong. Condition ongoing for some years - not hemorrhoid related. Need more opinion?

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Bleeding per rectum. Should be seen by a proctologist for a physical exam and a colonoscopy. Bleeding could be from a fissure, internal hemorroids, arteriovenous malformations, diverticular disease, cancer...... Read more...