I have a fluttering feeling in my chest. It comes and goes. It almost feels like a rapid heart beat but I checked my pulse and it doesn't seem to be beating to fast?

Get checked. You may need an ECG or an event monitor to figure out exactly what you have. It could be atrial fib or flutter or svt or ventricular tachycardia.
Probably PVCs . A full history and physical along with labs and a 12 lead ECG should be done. A 48 hr holter if it occurs frequently or a 30 day event recorder if its intermittent. A 2d echo will tell if heart is structually normal. If symptoms occur with activity a stress echo can be done.

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Heart flutter right after sneezing and then chest pain. I also have irregular heart beat and rapid heart beat followed by passing out time to time?

Palpitations. Irregular heart beat with chest pain and syncope(passing out) I strongly recommend you have an evaluation by a cardiologist for your symptoms. If symptoms are prolonged or worsen go to your local ER for an evaluation immediately. Read more...