When should somebody be screened for stroke?

If symptomatic or... Stroke prevention is the same as for heart attack prevention. Low saturated fat diet, lower the cholesterol ( LDL to less than 100), Aspirin 81 mg every day( in people >40y/o unless contraindicated), reduce all risk factors: avoid overweight, treat diabetes well, treat hypertension well ( monitor blood pressure). If there is any bruit in the neck...Check the carotids with ultrasound. When sympto +.
Any Wierd Changes. Strokes can appear in all different kinds of ways. Some of the more common ones are severe headaches (aneurysm), change in vision, change in speech, weakness in any extremities, difficulty in forming words or sentences, or anything else that is out of the normal. If something just seems "wrong" to you, you should seek immediate medical attention. Better safe than sorry.