What are beta levels?

That depends. That depends on a lot. In the world of obgyn, it usually refers to the hormone produced when a woman is pregnant. We follow it sometimes to help determine if a pregnancy is normal or not early in the pregnancy. Sometimes it is tested in rare cancers or abnormal molar pregnancies as well. Other hormones may be refer to as betas in other fields of medicine as well.
Part of hCG. The pregnancy hormone molecule is made up of more than one part. The beta subunit of the HCG is definitive molecule for the pregnancy hormone. Some other hormones may cross react with a pregnancy test - but not if the test is only looking for the beta subunit.

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I was wondering if anyone can tell me what a beta hCG levels of 211 on sunday and then a 299.4 on monday is anything to worry about. Thank you in adv.

Not, if you are. Pregnant. Hcg levels increase rapidly in early pregnancy and there is wide variation in normal levels. See this site for more information. Http://www. Babymed. Com/hcg-level-in-early-pregnancy.