Is a stroke preventable?

Perhaps. If one stays in good health, gets proper nutrition, exercises, reduces stress, avoid alcohol excess, drugs, tobacco, salt excess and risky behaviors, then strok can be prevented (primary prevention). If you treat conditions known to cause stroke, ie, treat hypertension, diabetes and high lipids, (secondary prevention) then you can prevent stroke. It' a global thing to prevent stroke.
Yes it is preventabl. Most strokes are preventable by Not being obese Keep your BP under control if you have high BP,by salt restriction and meds if needed Keep your Cholesterol under control by diet and statins if prescribed Do not smoke If you have Diabetes keep it control with diet and meds Exercise Regularly Eat a healthy diet If over 50 and adviced by your doctor take aspirin daily.
In many ways. Control blood pressure, and follow any treatment advice. Don’t smoke. Reduce salt intake. Eat healthy food (limit fatty, sugary, salty foods). Be physically active for at least 30 minutes on most days of the week. Maintain a healthy weight. Limit your alcohol intake. Check your cholesterol level and follow any treatment advise. Get checked for irregular heartbeat If a diabetic, manage this well.
Largely Preventable. >90% of stroke is preventable. The risk factors for stroke are: high blood pressure, tobacco use, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, excessive alcohol use, and sleep apnea. By maintaining an ideal diet, exercising regularly, staying away from tobacco, maintaining a healthy weight, and following up with your primary physician - you can minimize your risk of stroke.
To some degree. Control blood pressure & cholesterol. Avoid fats in diet. Don't smoke. Exercise regularly. Keep your weight down. Eat nutritious foods. De-stress when possible. Laugh. Associate with positive people. Take an Aspirin a day (keeps the doctors away!).