Is hypertension curable?

Controllable. There is no cure for essential hypertension but for some people it can be controlled through exercise, low sodium diet, and weight loss. For those who do not respond to these measures, anti hypertensive medications will always be necessary for blood pressure control. .
Yes. If you calm gut, keep oxidative stress in body low, keep changing oils in body(monounsaturated fat) and detox frequently you can eliminate hypertension. For daily supplements take beta glucan from mushroom and monounsaturated fats daily. Eat watercress as frequently as possible.
Hypertension. Hypertension is not curable but it is controllable.
Yes and No. There any many causes of hypertension. If the cause is treatable such as a hormone imbalance; once the hormone problem is cured, your blood pressure will become normal. Unfortunately for most, hypertension is not curable but can be controlled with the combination of diet, exercise, and/or medication(s).