I have severe OCD of health issues and am also facing an auto immune diagnosis I can't stop crying and basixally planning my funeral I have tried Zoloft (sertraline) and Prozac nit working any advice?

Talk w/therapist. First, you need to know that an autoimmune diagnosis can be serious, but is not an automatic death sentence. Second, please know that medications do not replace the benefit of talking regularly with a skilled psychotherapist -- you should look for one who's comfortable with people going through medical procedures & what that's like. This could certainly be a psychiatrist if s/he does therapy!
Mindfulness Meditate. This is a very terrifying time for you, i can see that. One approach to helping you to "detach" in a way from your fears is through a practice called mindfulness meditation. In this practice, you learn to merely observe the fears, thoughts, images that may be troubling, and just let them come and go. This gives you a separtion from that which troubles you. This does take practice, though!
Major hit. You have taken a major hit. I am amazed that you have not gone postal. You should be proud that you are still functioning. If you can find it in your heart to truly forgive them, you may find it possible to stop obsessing about it. If you can't forgive, you may need to consider a new future without her or your best friend.