Can human growth hormone affect the thyroid?

No. No but if you were diagnosed with gh deficiency, it's not uncommon to have associated thyroid problems since TSH (the pituitary signal the controls thyroid production from the thyroid gland) is secreted from cells that are adjacent to the gh secreting cells.
Yes. In kids we sometimes unmask hypothyroidism once starting growth hormone when there is a gh deficiency in the first place. Once the metabolic demands of the body increase with gh use, sometimes the pituitary can't keep up its production of tsh. If the thyroid doesn't get appropriate signals to make thyroid hormone from tsh, then thyroid hormone production also goes down.

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How does human growth hormone affect you?

Hgh. It increases the size of all organs. It's important during puberty for the grow of the bones. Some pituitary benign tumors may produce excessive amount causing gigantism (starting during puberal years) or acromegaly during adulthood. Hgh is used nowadays as anti aging medicine. It it is expensive and in inyectable form. It is still considered controversial to use it for that by some physicians.
Hgh. Think of hgh as the top of a mountain of hormones. It communicates, stimulates or suppresses most hormones directly or indirectly. Please read a lot before taking them.

What happens if I don't have enough human growth hormone?

Depends on age. In a child, it will lead to low growth velocity and short stature. In adults, it can cause elevated cholesterol, poor muscle mass and central obesity.
Low Hgh. There is a wide range of normal values for hgh. Very low adult levels can cause multiple endocrine systems to produce less hormones. An endocrinologist is the specialist in this area. There is a new interest in aging with specific credentialing and societies.

How to increase human growth hormone naturally?

Possible. Although there are many products in the market to boost GH naturally, none are scientifically proven beneficial, hence not officially recommended by certified medical practitioners. Pl see attached link to Dr. Oz' recommendation of certain plant product and amino acid that may have some benefit. Good luck!
No reason to. There is an immense amount of nonsense on the internet about human growth hormone. There are some bona fide reasons to use it, such as any premie with IUGR may benefit for catch-up growth and to attain a normal adult height. If a full grown man takes it, it may cause acromegaly; think of the James Bond "Jaws"; because bones can't grow longer, just wider. An endocrinologist can evaluate if ok.

What is the normal function of human growth hormone?

HGH: Read Wikipedia. Too many effects in the body. Read a comprehensive article here http://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/growth_hormone#gh_in_human_medicine. Review my previous answers about it.
Stimulates growth. It has numerous effects, but simply, it stimulates growth: of muscles, bones, tumors, and everything else.

How to increase the human growth hormone naturally?

Sleep well to grow. Growth hormone is released during sleep-so if you can get good quality sleep, that will help your body regulate it's own hormones. We call sleeping well-'sleep hygiene'. Also, before the invention of the electric light, diaries indicated we slept TEN hours a night on average, not just 8. Try keeping a sleep log to see if you're getting good enough sleep (running a sleep deficits means you are not)

How do human growth hormone injections work for growth?

Direct/indirect. Gh stimulates growth by different mechanisms. The one we most commonly refer to is when gh stimulates the production of igf-1 from the liver which mediates a lot of the body growth with the help of other proteins which are made in response to gh stimulation. Igf-1 is the main growth factor.

Will you continue to grow if taking human growth hormone?

No. Growth stops when growth plates close. On average this is around 16-17 for boys and 15-16 for girls.