Can I take fish oil to help with my cold?

Yes and No. Yes you can take fish oil but i don't believe it will help your cold- but it won't hurt it either. The very best treatment know of for colds is pelargonium sidoides, sold in health food stores & pharmacies as umcka; it is safe, affordable & proven effective for colds, bronchitis & sinus infections.
FIshy Mystery Still. Still a mystery. We do know that that fish oil helps lower high triglycerides [a kind of fat], and may also reduce your risk of dying from a heart attack. But we don't know about colds. A recent study showed that if pregnant moms took fish oil, their babies had fewer colds and got better more quickly. Still don't know if fish oil will help everyone's cold though. Stay tuned. Hope you feel better.
Fish oil. Not really rigorous scientific data for many of the fish oil claims. Look into the background when you hear things about 'health food' claims. Fish oil has more data for some things than most.

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I've been having difficulties with my feet/ calves cramping at night, and sometimes suddenly my feet and hand feel freezing cold my feet have cramped before but not so severly nor regulary. I take multivitamins, fish oil, osteo biflex, calcium, eat banan

Calf . Calf cramping when walking coiuld be a sign of a problem known as claudication, indicating a problem with arterial circulation and cold hands and feet could be a circulation issue as well. Muscle cramping can also occur with a mineral, metabolic or endocrine issue. The reason for not because of the epidural steroid incetions may be the factor you are looking for as well talk to the neurologist/neurosurgeon/orthopedist/pain doctor or who ever recommend the steroid inceptions as well as speaking to your family doctor again. Read more...
Cramps at night. Multivitamins and all those supplements are worthless. The cramps are probably due to relative ischemia when you are supine and your circulation does not have a gravity assist. Try the following: Hot soaks for 5-10 minutes at night of hands and feet every two to three days before bedtime. Keep hands and feet ward with loose socks and cotton gloves every night. Read more...