Is vitamin d a type of macronutrient?

No. Macronutrients are carbohydrates (sugars and starches), lipids (fats) and proteins. Vitamin d is none of these; it's a compound found in a few foods, but mostly made in your skin when you are exposed to sufficient sunlight. Your body uses vitamin d in many ways. Macronutrient use by your body is somewhat simpler. Carbs are for fuel. Fats are for energy storage. Proteins are building blocks.
It is a hormone. Hormones are made by the body and usually circulate throughout the body. Although we consume some vitamin d in the diet we can also make it in our skin with sensible sun exposure. 10-15 min per day in the late spring/ summer/ early fall months of exposure of the arms and legs without sunscreen is enough to generate a reasonable amount of vitamin d.
NoNotMacronutrient. Vitamin d is not a macronutrient. All vitamins are organic compounds and vital nutrient that an organism require in limited amounts. If the organism or say human body can not synthesize the compound, it must be obtained through the food, for survival. Vitamin D is synthesized in our body by sun exposure,

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A typing error of a pharmacist for vitamin d prescription of 50.000 u. 3 times a wk for a mo, was written 3 times a day per a month, consequences?

Stop taking. Mayo studies gave people 50, 000iu a day and had many complication, google hypervitaminosis d and read the mayo study, easier than me trying 2 in this breif venue. Hypercalcemia, renal problems, weakness, nausea, vomiting, tiredness r a few.
Some and mild (D2) I had a patient over 65 years of age who took daily 50000 units for 12 days. There was no adverse events. Her calcium was still normal and her level was high above 100 that came down over 2 weeks.
Typing error. The scenario you describe is potentially problematic. I don't want to be an alarmist, but I have seen cases of kidney damage from vitamin D toxicity. Toxicity is a risk for overdosing vitamin D and other fat soluble vitamin. Stop the vitamin D and get your level checked ASAP.

What type of vitamin D do you recommend for a person with hypothirodism?

D3 because this is. The active form of D & a large minority of people do not convert D or D2 (the prescription form of D) into D3 reliability. However, the only way to know is to measure serum D3 concentration, not just D or D2. Beware that many OTC brands do not work well; I have seen great success with an OTC brand containing 50, 000 IU derived from sheep lanolin; usually taken about once weekly.

Which types of pain and other symptoms can a vitamin d level of 12.7 cause?

Many risks &problems. Low vit d can cause fatigue, muscle pain/ weakness, headaches, depression and increases risk of infections, heart disease, cancer and risk of dying! Most adults need 5-8000 iu of d3/day; avoid d2! see http://www. Drfranklipman. Com/symptoms-diseases-associated-with-vitamin-d-deficiency and http://articles. Mercola. Com/sites/articles/archive/2008/11/01/vitamin-d-is-a-key-player-in-your-overall-health. Aspx.

What is 25-OH vitamin D? I read about it in a study but dont know if its a type of vitamin D or amount of it.

Yes, Vitamin D. 25-OH Vit. D is the main form of Vit. D in our bodies. Our kidneys convert some of it to 1, 25-OH Vit. D, but when doctors assess for adequate D they check the 25-OH form. The 1, 25 form may be abnormal in kidney disease & rare conditions like sarcoidosis but is seldom tested. Most adults need 5-8000 iu of Vit D3/day to get optimal levels (less in summer if you get sun). See http://tinyurl. Com/2chkcer.

What type of vitamin d supplement is best? Otc or rx?

The natural. My advise would be to use the derived from cod liver oil. It comes naturally in combination with vitamin a. This is a very good natural combination for multiple reasons. You can find it in the vitamin shops. Look for capsules containing vit d- 400 iu and vit a about 2, 000 or 3, 000 iu. The usual recommended dose would be one capsule a day after meal. If you are sick you can take more.

Is Vitamin D required to absorb all types of Calcium? Can Mineral Water with 345mg/l of dissolved Ca, increase Ca levels without the use of Vit D?

Vit D required. For the most part, supplemental Calcium is not necessary. In fact too much Calcium intake is associated with hardening of the arteries. Yes vitamin D3 is necessary for your body to be able to use Calcium. So the best practice for good health is to get enough sun exposure (that's how your supposed to make your own vit D), eat a lot of green vegetables (Ca), and take a vit D3 supplement if needed.
Vit D Calcium. 54 M Is Vitamin D required to absorb all types of Calcium? Can Mineral Water with 345mg/l of dissolved Ca, increase Ca levels without the use of Vit D? ANS: best is to move to the DASH eating plan. The best high Ca diet that has been tested and overall best way to eat. Get this paperback and read/follow. ISBN 9780743410076 Keep us posted.

Hypoparathyroid ca 8.3. Low vitamin d now. On calcitriol. 5 mcgs. How is it possible that I am low? And which type of vitamin d inactive or activeform

Depends what taking. There are several stages in producing active vitamin d. The dietary form is converted into 25hydroxyvitamin d which is then converted in the kidney to 1, 25 dihydroxy vitamine d (the "active" form. The usual vitamin d lab test looks for 25 hydroxyvitamin d; Calcitriol is 1, 25 dihydroxyvitamin d. So if you are taking Calcitriol you may have plenty of active vitamin d but a low level of 25 hydroxy.

Blood result showed that I was deficient of vitamin D. I scored half of what a normal level is. Type of vitamin D should I take and how much (IU) a day?

5-10, 000 iu D3/day. With levels that low I advise you start by taking 10, 000 iu of D3 a day for 2 months, then reduce to 5-8000 iu/day. At some point you should recheck your levels. Optimal levels are 50-80. It is best to take Vitamin K along with D and make sure you are getting Vit A as these vitamins work synergistically. Avoid D2, which is dangerous! See http://tinyurl. Com/mkjempg & http://tinyurl. Com/l49p4rg.