Are compression stockings worth the cost?

Compression. Yes, so long as this is directed from your clinician. We need to know that your arteries are okay and then we can determine the correct level of compression. The levels of compression are measured in millimeters of mercury pressure. I work every day in a wound center and wear compression every day!
Yes. Compression stockings are useful in treating venous insuffiency (which leads to varicose veins) because they decrease the degree of chronic pressure buildup in the legs which helps relieve symptoms of discomfort & swelling, They also slow the progression of valve failure & varicose vein development. Goal is >20 mm HG pressure. But they do not fix the disease so recommend u see a vascular surgeon.
Yes. Actually, compression stockings are not costly unless they are gotten via prescription or are graduated compression which are custom fitted . Certainly graduated compression are the better of the two but, in my experience, routine compression does the job for most patients. The key factors with compression hose are correct compression, ability to apply and compliance with wearing them.