Can flu vaccines cause autism?

Fraudulent. Several studies have disproven the link with mmr, which was originally published in 1998 by dr. Andrew wakefield. An investigation by the british medical journal (bmj) concluded that dr. Wakefield faked data and created an elaborate fraud, causing long-lasting damage to public health. In fact, the original study was eventually retracted in 2010, and dr, wakefield lost his license.
No. No it does not. As mentioned many autistic kids have had flu shots. And autistic kids with flu infection often suffer more severely than any reaction they have from the vaccine.
No relationship. The causes of autism are not known, but research has found no causal relationship between vaccines and autism. Children become autistic (some are born that way) with or without the flu vaccine. Children who are very autistic are harder to diagnose (don't cooperate with exams) and harder to treat (won't take their meds), so disease prevention by using vaccinations is very important.
No known connection. There is no documented connection between flu vaccination and autism.

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My son is allergic to a vaccine but I don't know which one. He has mild end autism spectrum disorder. If he is sensitive to vaccines can he get a flu shot?

Probably. His autistic issues have nothing whatsoever to do with immunizations. Ask the doctor to what vaccine he is sensitive and if not eggs, give him the flu shot.

I have autism can I get a flu shot?

Yes. Flu shots and immunizations in general are safe as long as you are not allergic to them. If you are not allergic to eggs or have not had a reaction to flu shots in the past you can have a flu shot.
Ask your doctor for. Her or his advice. This is a controversial topics to discuss in the spectrum of autism. So the risks must be weighed against the benefits. Your doctor should know your history overtime to know whether or not this is safe for you to do right now.
Flu shot. Yes. I recommend the flu vaccine for all of my patients 6 months and older unless they have medical contraindications to getting the vaccine.
Yes unless. . . Although autism is a nervous system condition, it is not a reason to avoid/skip flu shot. Check out reasons to avoid specific vaccines at http://www. Cdc. Gov/vaccines/vpd-vac/should-not-vacc. Htm. Ask about inactivated flu shot (common) vs live attenuated nasal spray (less common).
Flu shots are good. The flu vaccine is a safe and effective way to keep from catching the flu. There has never been a study proving any link between vaccines and autism anyway. The one, often cited, report with the MMR vaccination was faked. The doctor was being paid by an anti-pharmaceutical lawyer and has recently been shown to have falsified data. The damage: scaring people away from a very helpful treatment.

Can the flu shot be linked to autism?

No. If you ask the vaccine haters, any shot can be blamed for anything. However, there is no credible link between the flu vaccine and anything linked in its manufacture and distribution with a single case.
No link. No there is no known link. The injectable flu vaccine is a dead vaccine. The MMR was in question and is live. But even the MMR has been proven not to cause autism.

Can a person with autism get a flu shot?

Absolutely. There is. No scientific evidence that vaccines either cause Autism or worsen symptoms in a person with an established diagnosis. People with some of types of the inherited mitochondrial disorders can experience worsening of their neurological & Neurodevelopmental symptoms with any stress like fever, including normal febrile reactions to vaccines.

I have been treated for hashimotos for 10 years. I got vaccines and a flu shot recently. Can this cause a fluctuation in my thyroid test results?

Hashimoto thyroidi. Thyroid function tests can fluctuate by themselves. It should be transient. So glad you got the flu shot. It protects you against a subset of the flu strains out there. You are also protecting people around you, especially infants and the elderly from those same strains.

Pain in top leg when walking, had flu shot last Thursday is it connected? Could be beginning of guillian barre syndrome caused by vaccine?

No. Guillian barre doesn't cause pain, & what minor sensory symptoms it causes usually occur where weakness begins (almost always in the feet). You've posted before. You weren't joking when you put "hypochondria" in your profile. Reminds me of the old Michael Palin BBC series "Ripping Yarns." In the episode "The Curse of the Claw, " the character Uncle Jack had "every known disease."

I received a flu shot. Four days later, I developed high fever, chills and dyspnea. I know this is a dead vaccine, but I alsohave als. Could it have been caused by als?

Unlikely. Glad you received your shot, as should protect against full-blown flu, and respiratory complications, especially with als. Your reactn. Is not uncommon, but has nothing to do with your als, and merely is a delayed autoimmune rxtn to the shot. Far better than the flu.
No. It is not secondary to the als. And, it is not secondary to the vaccine.
? Reaction. No.Als does not interact with this vaccine. Also a reaction 4 days later is unusual. This may be a coincidence.

What are the odds an asthmatic 15 year old will get autism after swine flu vaccine?

Zero. Regardless of the claims of vaccine haters, this is bunk. The injected flu vaccine is a non living material that stimulates the production of antibodies to specific strains of flu. The worst flu vaccine debacle of years past, occured in ~1977 with a vaccine rushed to production without today's safeguards. Gillian- barre syndrome occurred in some. Today's flu vaccines are safe and effective.