Is autoplasty cosmetic only?

Otoplasty cosmetic. I assume you mean otoplasty, which is "pinning" the ears back. It is considered cosmetic surgery and not covered by insurance.
Almost always. Otoplasty is almost always considered cosmetic. Exceptions are mostly severe birth deformities in children. Costs in minnesota for bilateral otoplasty vary from $2000 to $4000 depending upon the deformity and whether it can be done under local anesthesia.
Yes. Otoplasty or ear pinning as it is known, is purely cosmetic procedure. That is because the condition is not associated with functional or medical issues. Consequently, medical insurance companies do not cover the procedure and the patient himself has to pay for it.
Yes. Otoplasty is a common cosmetic procedure to reduce the prominence and projection of the ear. Otoplastic does not correct any functional problem and therefore is cosmetic.
Otoplasty? I believe you are referring to otoplasty or pinning back of protruding ears. This is commonly preformed as a correction of a congenital defect in children over the age of eight with insurance coverage. If one waits til they are an adult the insurance companies have a harder time classifying it as a congenital problem and frequently deny coverage.