How do you check for ovarian cancer?

Many ways. Often it's asymptomatic until it's well advanced. If there's any early symptoms it's going to be vague ones that ladies are plagued with anyway like bloating and pelvic pain and bladder irritation. Testing 1st involves a pelvic exam (a small mass will be hard to feel), an ultrasound, possibly an MRI. A ca125 is a blood test that's usually elevated in ovarian cancer, but other things elevate it too.
By regular gyn visit. Unfortunately for detection of early ovarian cancers there is no blood test, only for late stages used to see the progress of disease (ca 125 CEA etc) only way to detect is regular gyn doctor visits, if needed sonogram, or laparoscopic examination.

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Is an ultrasound that examines the endometrium also good for examining the ovaries? How does one get their ovaries examined to check for ovarian cancer

Pelvic Ultrasound. A standard female pelvic ultrasound evaluates the uterus (and endometrium) as well as the ovaries. Current ultrasound technology (especially when both transabdominal and transvaginal images are obtained) is a very good screening test for ovarian pathology including ovarian cancer.
No good tests. The transvaginal ultrasound is one of the very best - if not the very best - ways to look non-invasively at the ovaries. Let me be clear; it is useless as a screen for ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, there are no good screens for ovarian cancer. A "normal" tv us is highly reassuring, but in no way a rule-out for ovarian cancer.

After treatment for ovarian cancer, how often do I need to be checked?

Frequently at first. Often, there is very close follow up after ovarian cancer treatment - every 3-4 months generally. Once the cancer is in remission for over a year or so, this may extend to every 6 months. The exact follow-up schedule will depend on the type of ovarian cancer, stage of the cancer, and type of treatment.
Surveillance with. Visits and exams are cheap and easy, imaging is expensive and not very sensitive or specific, and second look laparascopy was a standard, not sure that invasive "looks" are cost effective or still needed (does the findings lead to curative therapy?) ask you gyn onc what the latest is and why.

Is there any screening test that my doctor can order to check if I have ovarian cancer and catch it early?

A good test? No. Unfortunately, there is not good early screening test for ovarian cancer. If u happen to have a strong family history of the disease, it might be worthwhile to do a genetic test. 1 ovary test ca-125, is good for following a know ovarian cancer, but as a screening test, it doesn't pan out as a good test. A pelvic exam, and an ultrasound can be done also, but they are not good at early detection.
Ovarian Cancer. Most certainly. Your gynecologist can perform a simple pelvic exam, radiologic imaging studie, and ultrasound.. Certain lab tests, such as ca-125, can be useful. Your gynecologist can present the various options to you.
Ovarian cancer. No, there is not a screening test for ovarian cancer. Some people have tried different combinations of pelvic ultrasound and ca 125 but these have not been shown to be effective except in women that are at high risk for the disease.