Does liver damage show up in a blood test all the time?

No . It can be silent...Especially during times of quiescent inflammation...Or even in the advanced stages of cirrhosis. But it's a reasonable screening test.

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Does ginger and cinammon cause liver damage? I eat 1 teaspoon every day and I realized increase in liver enzeym in my last blood test

Not known to do this. I've never heard of ginger or cinnamon causing liver damage. Both of these are widely used and have many proven health benefits. If they caused liver damage someone would have probably noticed by now! this is likely a coincidence. However, Ibuprofen can increase liver enzymes! see http://www.Whfoods.Com/genpage.Php?Tname=foodspice&dbid=72 & http://www.Whfoods.Com/genpage.Php?Tname=foodspice&dbid=6. Read more...

What do these high blood test numbers mean? Liver damage: blood test: alp 126 u/l gamma GT 85 u/l plts 454 x10 3/ul

Minimal elevation. The liver enzymes are only minimally elevated. The high platelet count may be due to iron deficiency. If you take alcohol, stop using it for three months and repeat the tests. Try taking an iron supplement. Read more...